The staff of BDD Dental Clinic, thanks to its decades of experience, performs several types of surgical procedures.

Periodontal flaps

When is dental surgery necessary?

The need arises when there is a gingival recession, that occurs when the coronal edge of the gingival margin is in an apical position with respect to the improved cement junction. Continued apical migration of the marginal gingiva is often correlated with an alveolar bone atrophy.

The crown of the tooth “stretches”, while the root is “stripped”. The tooth becomes more sensitive, inflammations get fequent and there is a clear aesthetic disadvantage.

Surgical access to the root surface and to the alveolar bone by lifting the flap allows, in the presence of deep pockets, an adequate sanding to remove irritants.

Bone grafts

Bone grafts are mainly performed for implant purposes, when the amount of bone in which implants need to be inserted is not enough.

A small amount of bone is taken from certain donor sites, combined with synthetic bone and grafted into the areas that need it.

The intervention is done with local anesthesia.

After the healing period (4-5 months), the bone is ready to receive the implants.

Maxillary Breast Implants

Dental surgery aimed to increase the bone mass of the molars and premolars of the maxilla, with artificial or natural bone.

Transposition of the Inferior Alveolar Black

In most cases, the posterior portion of the jaw places limits on implant placement, due to bone loss.

The vascular-nervous bundle has to be moved laterally, in order to receive the implants.