Dr, Raffaella Pecorara

Born in Milan on December 6, 1962.

After graduating with full marks in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Milan (October 22,, 1989).

Bachelor Degree in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (Novmeber 12, 2022).

She obtained the Diploma of Specialization in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics at the University of Pisa (July 1, 1994), with a score of 50/50.

Master in Periodontology I and II at the Santa Chiara Clinic in Milan (1995).

After attending several courses in fixed and mobile orthodontics, she specialized in:

  • Fixed and mobile orthodontics
  • RNO – master in Barcelona at Dr. Planas’ and in Grotte di Castro with Dr Stefano Frediani (2017)
  • master in dental ostheopaty
  • craniocervicaomandibualr disorders (master in 2016 . Prof. Rocabado, Rome)
  • evaluation of posture and occlusion in a kinesiologic perspective.

She is available for appointments at BDD Dental Clinic – Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 38, Milan.